nirvana beach hotel rhodes Nirvana Beach Hotel
Tholos, Rhodes Island, GREECE
Tel: +30 22410 82427 Fax: +30 22410 81770
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Nirvana Beach Hotel - Rhodes Greece

Nirvana Beach Hotel - Rhodes Greece
Pure relaxation...

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Welcome to Nirvana Beach Hotel!
irvana Beach hotel is situated on the north-western coast of Rhodes near the traditional, picturesque village of Tholos. It is located close to the beach where it offers a unique view of the sunset over the southern Aegean islands and of the mountains of the Turkish coastline.

It is in the vicinity of the renown valley of Petaloudes (Butterflies) and it provides the starting point for the Western part of the island exploration, which hides reach secrets of extraordinary physical beauty and historical importance, such as the ancient city of Kameiros and the castles of Monolithos or Kritinia. The hotel is 7km away from Rhodes airport and 18kms from Medieval Rhodes town, the modern city and its port. It is an ideal destination for those who seek for a friendly and relaxed atmosphere in a family environment or for those who dream of surfing over the waves of the windy northern rhodian coastline.

The beach, Ideal for surfing and more...
Blown by the winds, typical for that part of the island, and not so overcrowded by sunbathers, Nirvana Beach provides a site which is ideal for those who wish to enrich their holidays in Rhodes with riding on the waves with a view to the oneiric Aegean Sea!

The beach is quiet and not crowded, offering an ideal place for relaxing without being disturbed by the crowds usually found on most beaches of the island.